Private Coaching Summer

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Do you want a privte instructor to always be beside you and give you close follow-up? Do you want lessons on a day when we don't have a full course? Contact us and we'll arrange a meeting that suits your calendar and the wind conditions.

Inquire Booking

The lessons will normally be held somewhare on the beaches between Sola and Brusand. Exactly where depends on the wind and wave conditions.

We use the following beaches for lessons:

  • Solastranda
  • Hellestø
  • Bore
  • Orre
  • Refsnes
  • Brusand



With private coaching you descide where you want the focus to be. Whether you want to learn the basics, practice upwind riding or learn how to do your first jumps... We are there for you! 

We are very flexible on time and aim to give you full value for your money, picking a day with suitable conditions. During private lessons it is easy to do the theoretical explaining while we do things in practice and is all about the action. 

Prices including kite equipment (not wetsuite):

1 person; 650 kr/h
2 persons; 550 kr/h
3-4 persons; 450 kr/h

(If you have your own kite, subtract 100 kr/h.)


  1. Solasanden