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What We Offer

Personlig Coaching Vinter

Har du lyst til å ha eget kurs utenom våre oppsatte helgekurs? Med egen instruktør er du sikret den beste oppfølgingen, og vi tilpasser leksjonene til ditt nivå. Tidspunkt bestemmes etter at vi sammen har sjekket værmeldingen.

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Advanced Snowkite Course (2 days)

Have you tried kiting before but can't remember everything and want help moving forward? Maybe you have experience in water and want help getting started on snow? Are you already pretty good but want to take a step further for jumps, tricks, and riding in the terrain? Or are you ready for a real challenge and want tips and training on how to prepare for a multi-day kite expedition? Our instructors have many years of kiting experience. Some have participated in international competitions, kiting over the Hardangervidda with sleds and tents, and flown from the peaks around Haukelifjell. They can help you take the next step in your kite career. In this course we will adapt to your level and show you what YOU want to learn. NB: To run this course we required at least 2 participants.

Utstyrsleie Vinter

Vil du ut å kite men mangler eget utstyr? Vi har årets utstyr i de fleste størrelser. Har også spesialbrett til kiting som Furbergs fantiske freeride snowboards. Velg og sett sammen fra øverste hylle: KITER: Airush DNA 4-6-8-10-12-14 Cabrinha RADAR 9-12 Cabrinha SWITCHBLADE 8 BRETT: Furberg THE FREERIDE 164-168 SKI: Slalomski TRAPESER: Airush Sitte S-M-L-XL Airush Hofte S-M  

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We will give you another course FOR FREE if you do not have enough wind to properly fly the kites at least one day out of two during a weekend course. 


We have lived, surfed and sailed on the coast of jæren and the mountains of Haukeli for many years. We can truly say that we know where to find the best conditions for the day. This is knowledge that will benefit you and that we will share!


Instead of having the maximum amount of students for each instructor, we aim for better safety and closer interaction by limiting the groups to a maximum of four students per instructor.


We have been in this windy business since 2001, which makes us one of the oldest kite cours operators in Norway. Every year we make about 300 more people smile and feel proud because they have mastered the art of kiting.


Our job is to teach you how to kite, not to try to sell you stuff from our shop. We don't even have one! Hence, we can help you to make independent and informed choices when it comes to buying equipment of any brand and type.