Hydrofoil Clinic

Take your kiting to a new level with hydrofoiling! This is the latest craze in watersports, and a sport that has evolved further from surfing to include kiting, SUPing and windsurfing! With a wing on a mast under the board, you get lifted up to 1 meter above the water surface and hover over the waves like on a magic carpet. With superior lightweight and upwind properties, "foiling" is an advanced form of kiting, but we have the clinic to get you started!


  • Solastranden
  • Hafrsfjord (avansert)


  • Take your kiting to a new level - literally
  • Fly over the waves
  • Foilkiting provides previously unmatched opportunities for tacking, speed, and kiting in light wind
  • You will be guided into the world of foiling by instructor veteran Andreas, who has built his own foil boards for years, and deep experience in this exciting new branch of the kite sports


  1. Hafrsfjord
  2. Solastranden