Freestyle Clinic

So you learned to kite, now its time to take it to next level!
Freestyle kiting is all about jumping, spinning, and using the lift of the kite to fly.
This 3-hour session can be booked private or as a group lesson with your friend(s), and a dedicated freestyle instructor will meet you at the beach and go through the techniques and kite navigation to make you fly, spin, and stomp the landing.


Beaches and flatwater spots in the coast of Jæren
  • Sande
  • Sola
  • Hellestø
  • Bore
  • Orre
  • Refsnes


  • Specialized instructors teach you the safe way to fly
  • Bring your own gear or borrow from us
  • Local instructors who knows the right spots for your abilities and the wind


  1. Sandestranden
  2. Solastranden
  3. Hellestø
  4. Bore
  5. Orre
  6. Refsnes