Beginner Kitesurfing Course, 2 days

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From NOK 2'500

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During a weekend, you will learn all you need to know to start kiting on your own. There will be some theory and a lot of practicing and kite-flying in the water/on the beach.

The course is from 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday. We meet on the parking lot at Sola beach (unless other plans are made in advance). We can give the whole course in English.

Not everyone manages to ride properly on the board during the first two days, but we will give you all the basic know-how and enough experience so that you can continue practicing in a safe way after the course. 

Who can participate?

If you can swim and are in normal physical shape, you can learn how to kite. You don't have to be strong - you'll hold the power of the kite with your bodyweight through a harness.
Kitesurfing doesn't have to be an extreme sport, it is possible, and amazing, to just cruize. However, it is difficult and dangerous to try to learn on your own. Everyone who wants to try should take a course!

To participate on the course you have to be older than 13. If you are younger, we recommend that you take private lessons instead. If you are under 16, you'll need a written permission from your parents.

From NOK 2'500

+1 Additional options

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The courses are usually held at Sola beach, starting at 10 am. However, this is somewhat dependent on the wind direcion and other arrangements might be made in advance. It is therefore preferrable that all participants have a seat in a car to be able to move in case needed.

Other beaches that we use:

  • Hellestø
  • Bore
  • Orre
  • Refsnes
  • Brusand


The goal is to give the participants all the basic skills and knowledge to be able to practice kiting in a safe manner after the course. Wind conditions and personal learning curve will determine how much kiteboarding one will actually be able to do during the course, but we guarantee that everyone will get a good feel for it and have lots of fun on the way.

The main themes of the course are:

  • Steering the kite
  • Understanding how the kite flies and generates power
  • Safety
  • Launching and landing the kite in different ways
  • Rigging up and down the equipment
  • Bodydragging - getting around in the water without board
  • Waterstart with the board
  • Kiteboarding on your own 
  • Evaluation of conditions and spot
  • Choosing equipment


  1. Solasanden
  2. Hellestø
  3. Borestranden
  4. Orrestranden
  5. Refsnes
  6. Brusand