Snowkite Course for Beginners (2 days)

From NOK 3'150

Who can participate?
Our winter courses are for beginners and advanced alike. No prerequisites are required to attend the beginner's course! Normal physics and the will to learn is the most important thing! You choose the way you want to exercise the sport, extremely or calmly. It doesn't matter if you are 13, 20 or 65 and you don't have to be strong. The recommended age limit is 13 years, for younger participants we recommend hours with our own instructor.

Beginners should take courses!
However, learning kiting is both difficult and risky if you try to learn on your own! For that reason, anyone who wants to start taking a course should! First and foremost for safety, but also for faster progression.

What do you learn?
The beginner course aims to make you an independent kiter, so you can do it alone on the sea with your own gear. The course is practically arranged with a lot of kite flying and fun, but there is nevertheless great emphasis on safety.

Also for advanced ...
If you already have some kits but want to help them develop faster, just sign up and let them know that you will be in the advanced group. The courses run in parallel. For the advanced participants who master driving and cruising, we will focus on jumping and tricks, tips for kiting in the terrain, and advanced techniques to be safer on your own.

Practical info
The course starts on Friday at 21:30 with a theory lesson at Haukeliseter Fjellstue. If you can't attend Friday, you're fine, as long as you show up on Saturday. Saturday and Sunday we are out all day, but also have some indoors. Expect long training days of about 7 hours. If you have to travel early on Sunday it will be just fine.
We provide kite equipment, but you must bring ski equipment. We recommend skiing, but snowboarding is fine (just a little harder). Telemark is also fine, but mountain skiing is too unstable. Remember helmet and bring spells and traps if you have.

From NOK 3'150

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Kurset vil finnne sted på ulike spoter i umiddelbar nærhet av Haukeliseter Fjellstue.
Hovedspoten vår er på Ståvatn rett foran fjellstuen, men veldig lokale forhold gjør at ofte må kjøre litt for ån finne dagens spot, det er derfor å anbefale å komme i egen bil. Om du ikke har mulighet til det, så finner vi alltid plass i noen av bilene.
Aktuelle spoter er ulike deler av Ståvatn, Votna, eller Kjelavatn.



The beginner course focuses on:
  • Control of the kite
  • Understanding the kite's flight area and power zone
  • Ride, stop and turn with ski / board
  • Safety
  • Starting and landing of the kite
  • Rigging / dismantling
  • Assessment of conditions and kite spot
  • Choice of equipment


  1. Ståvatn
  2. Pepparsteinen
  3. Votna