Advanced Snowkite Course (2 days)

Have you tried kiting before but can't remember everything and want help moving forward?
Maybe you have experience in water and want help getting started on snow?
Are you already pretty good but want to take a step further for jumps, tricks, and riding in the terrain?
Or are you ready for a real challenge and want tips and training on how to prepare for a multi-day kite expedition?
Our instructors have many years of kiting experience. Some have participated in international competitions, kiting over the Hardangervidda with sleds and tents, and flown from the peaks around Haukelifjell. They can help you take the next step in your kite career.
In this course we will adapt to your level and show you what YOU want to learn.
NB: To run this course we required at least 2 participants.
The course will be held in the areas around Haukelifjell, either with the ordinary courses or in the surrounding terrain. Current spots are
  • Ståvatn
  • Ulevåvatnet
  • Holbubekk
  • Store Nup
  • Vesle Nup
Location on request
If you are 4 participants or more, we also have the opportunity to come and hold courses "at the cabin", the nearest water or at the top of the nearest ski center in the area Hovden - Haukelifjell - Røldal. We are always looking for new spots, but you need large areas without trees and easily hilly landscape. Iced water usually works well for courses. And preferably it should be reasonably windproof, so exposed peaks usually work better than down in the valley.


Depending on the participants in the course, the relevant topics may be:
  • Special considerations for snow kiting
  • Techniques for jumping
  • Kiting in the terrain
  • Self-Launch
  • Self-rescue / kite-rescue
  • Snowkiting on your own - Safety
  • Kiting on top tours 
  • Choosing a kite spot in the mountains - what to look for, what considerations to take
  • Wind understanding and turbulence
  • Use of technical aids
  • Kiting with pulk techniques


  1. Haukeliseter fjellstue
  2. Ulevåvatnet
  3. Holbubekk