OUR WINTER COURSES was the first kite sports operator to offer courses at Haukelifjell in 2007. We have seen the sport and the spot grow with both national and international visitors  and we are proud to be pioneers in this area and to have some of the most experienced and locally known instructors in the country. We play and work in these mountains all winter, and we think this area and set-up is "up there" for some of the best snowkiting on the planet! We like to share this love and provide you with the best conditions for learning to kite. We hold courses every weekend in the winter season, from January to Easter holidays.


Who can participate?

On our weekend course we split the group into a beginners and and an advanced group. No pre-requisites are required to attend the beginner course! Regular physique and the will to learn is the most important thing! You choose the way you want to exercise the sport, extremely or calmly. It does not matter if you are 13, 20 or 65 years and you do not have to be strong. Recommended age limit is 13 years, for younger participants we recommend private lessons which we also offer.

Beginners should take courses!

Learning to kite is, however, both difficult and risky if you try to learn on your own! For that reason, anyone who wants to  try the sport should take a course first! First and foremost in terms of safety, but also for faster progression.

What do you learn?

The beginner course aims to make you an independent kiter so that you can manage yourself on the snow with your own equipment. The course is practically laid out with a lot of kite flying and fun, but great emphasis is placed on safety.


Also for advanced ...

If you already have kited a bit  but want to develop your riding, just sign up and let us know that you want to be on the advanced group. The courses run in parallel. For the advanced participants who can ride and go upwind, we will focus on jumps, tricks, and techniques for riding uphill and in the terrain.

Practical info

The course starts on Friday 21:30 with a theory section at Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge. If you can not join Friday, you'll be fine as long as you meet up on Saturday. Saturday and Sunday we are out in the snow all day but we also have some theory sessions indoors. Count on long days of about 7 hours. If you have to travel early on Sunday, that´s fine.
We provide kite equipment, but you must bring your own skis/board. We recommend skis, but snowboard goes smoothly (just a bit more difficult). Downhill/Randonee skis with hard boots are the best. Telemark skis with hard boots will do, but crosscountry/mountain skis with soft boots are too unstable. Bring your ski poles, helmet and climbing skins if you have.


  • Course Only NOK 3 100,-.
  • Course + shared accomodation, and 3-course dinner saturday evening: DNT-members NOK 3 989,-; non-members kr 4 339,-.
    (Members of DNT Young get an extra 200 NOK discount)
  • Course + private accomodation in double rooms, breakfast, lunchpack and 3-course dinner saturday: DNT-members NOK 4 887,-/ non-members NOK 5 307,-

Wind guarantee: We will let you get on another course for FREE if there is not enough wind to fly the kits for at least one day of two on a weekend course. (Applies to course fee, not board and lodging)


It is Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge who takes care of booking winter courses and accommodation. For all inquiries and bookings, we recommend that you contact Haukeliseter by mail to with contact info, the desired weekend and the desired accommodation option. You can also contact them directly by phone: +47 35 06 27 77.

About the courses

Both beginner and advanced kiters are welcome on the course. We split the course into two groups.



The beginner course aims to make you an independent kiter so that you can manage yourself on the snow with your own equipment. The course is practically laid out with a lot of kite flying and fun, but great emphasis is placed on safety.
The main theme of the course will be:

  • Controlling the kite
  • Launching and landing of the kite
  • Ride, Stop and Turn
  • Safety and regulations
  • Assessment of conditions and kitespot
  • Rigging / dismantling
  • Choice of equipment


The advanced course will be more personally focused, and depending on your level, we might go through:

  • Necessary repetition of routines and safety
  • Kiting in terrain
  • Assessment of conditions and kitespot
  • Emergency procedures
  • Powered turns
  • How to jump
  • How to get pop
  • Flight Control/Transitions
  • Tricks at your level
  • To jump "unhooked" for those who are ready

Attendance for both courses is at Haukeliseter on Friday evening and we are finished at about 1600 on Sunday.

Packing list

Remember to bring:

  • Downhill skis (Alpine, Randonee, or Telemark) or snowboard gear
  • Poles and climibing skins if you have (we have to walk or ski from the road to the spot)
  • Helmet if you have
  • Wind and waterproof outerwear
  • Insulation layer (fleece or wool)
  • Underwear of wool
  • Thick wool socks
  • Backpack
  • Snow googles (additionally sunglasses)
  • Windproof and waterproof mittens (adittionally also finger gloves)
  • Headwear that fits under the helmet
  • Sunscreen
  • Thermos
  • Beverage bottle with large valve (otherwise it will freeze)
  • Towel and swimwear for the sauna
  • Bedsheets or sleeping bag if you are staying in a shared room
  • Ski Touring or other winter gear for use if no wind.
  • Your Own Car (if you do not have that there is always a spare seat)

We supply

  • Kite
  • Harness
  • Helmets for those who don´t have their own


The courses are held on and around Haukeliseter, in the Haukelifjell area which is one of the most snow-proof areas in southern Norway. At 1000 metres above sea level there are few or none trees, and the unique terrain with rolling valleys and frozen lakes make for ideal snowkiting terrain. We even have our own weather system dividing mountain range, with options for both east and west weather systems! Should it be completely windstill, there is world class freeride terrain in the local area, both for ski touring on the mountains around Haukeliseter and lift-based at our neighbors Røldal and Haukelifjell Skisenter.