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Snowkiting in Norway

Snow Kite Courses at Haukeliseter, Norway

The deepest snow in Norway. Flat Terrain. Windy. Welcome to Snowkite Paradise.

Book Winter Activities Snowflake From January til April



The team behind was among the first to come to Haukelifjell to kite in 2007. The large open plains, with mountain peaks and frozen lakes, 1000 meters above sea level and above the tree line, with insane snow statistics and reliable wind conditions, were like a wet dream for us when we started operating there, and can best be described as a world-class snow kite spot.

Since then, the area has become a widely known destination in the kite community. We have been involved in exploring the area and have trained many instructors in the area. We can guarantee that we will find the best wind for the day and give you the best conditions for learning to kite.

In addition to the kiting, there are fantastic skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the area, both for those who like it airy and steep, and for those who prefer flatter terrain.

For those who prefer lift-based driving, Røldal and Haukelifjell Ski Center are a short drive east or west, and the weather difference means that we often find good snow and weather on one or the other side of the Haukeli tunnel. So here are all the possibilities for a fantastic weekend in the mountains.

We hold Snowkite Courses every weekend during the winter season from January to April.

Come and experience world-class snow kiting!


In the middle of the mountains between East and West, at an altitude of 1000 meters, close to Ståvatn and at the entrance to Hardangervidda National Park, you will find Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge.

Haukeliseter Fjellstue belongs to DNT, and is the Stavanger Tourist Association’s largest cabin with approximately 20,000 guest nights per year. There is room for all budgets – everything from Double Rooms with en-suite bathroom, to Self-Catering Rooms with kitchen, to Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds.

The location of Haukeliseter is unique, in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape and with perfect conditions for Snowkiting throughout the winter. There are multiple activities and challenges here, even if there is not enough wind to kite, it is not far to the ski resort with first-class Freeriding (Haukelifjell Ski Center: 10 min, Røldal Ski Center: 30 min) and the possibilities for Ski Touring are many. Since our establishment at Haukeliseter in 2007, it has become a mecca for snow kites for the whole world, more and more people’s eyes for this fantastic area – right outside the fireplace lounge and restaurant.