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Kitesurfing and snow kiting are nature sports that can be practiced in a extreme matter, with powerful natural forces as the drive. We do everything we can to minimise risk, and have an excellent track record over two decades and thousands of students, but there are certain inherent risks in the sport that all participants have to understand. We DO NOT offer insurance for our courses and rentals, and advise you to check your travel insurance for coverage in the event of an accident.


All participation in our activities are under the participants own responsibility.

By partaking in our activities you acknowledge the following statements:

  • I understand and acknowledge that my participation in activities related to the course involves a risk of harm to my own person, which cannot be eliminated despite the precautions taken.
  • I also acknowledge that I myself will be liable for third party damage if I do not follow the safety instructions I am instructed by the instructors.
  • I voluntarily assume the risk of damage associated with the activities.
  • I have informed those responsible for the course and the instructors illnesses that I have that may have significance and entail risks in connection with the activities, including eg. diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease.
  • I hereby declare to not hold the instructors, Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge, The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) or Kitesurfing.no liable as a result of injuries to my person, or other types of damage arising from the activities carried out on the course.


If you are to rent kiting equipment from Kitesurfing.no, we demand that you have participated in a full beginners course. We reserve the right to deny rentals to individuals that we deem not having the proper training.

By renting equipment from us you also agree to the following statements:

  • I have completed a full beginner course for kiting.
  • I am obliged to return the equipment in the same condition as I received it. The gear should be dry and free of sand.
  • I am obliged to follow the general rules of safety in kiting, including handling the equipment responsibly. The kite gear should only be used on water or snow, and should not be crashed into sharp objects such as grass, stones, etc.
  • I have a duty to maintain a safety distance of at least 30 meters until any obstruction is overcome.
  • I am responsible for equipment and damage to equipment I rent. If the equipment is damaged or lost, I am obliged to pay compensation according to the repair costs +15% value devaluation, or full cost of replacement in the event of a total accident or loss.


  • The booking of activities is binding.
  • Customers can change to another date up until 10 Days before the activity.
  • No-shows will be charged the full price.
  • Participants on the course are obliged to check the weather and road reports and take the necessary precautions to be ready and on the spot on time. Kitesurfing.no is not responsible for delays caused by convoys or closed roads.
  • If the course is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control *(Force Majeure)* you will be offered participation at another course on a later date.


When booking any of the Kite Camp options with lodging, your request will be handled by our partners, and the booking of accommodation is under their respective terms & conditions:

  • Terms & Conditions of bookings to Haukeliseter can be found here.
  • For accomodation at Boretunet, please refer to the information on Boretunet.no.


  • In case of weather conditions does not allow for the course to be completed (minimum 4 hours of kiteable wind for the 2 day courses), participants will be offered a new course for free (applies to course fee only, lodging and food not included).
  • If you leave before the course is finished, you forfeit your wind guarantee.