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  • Learn to kite on water!


Learn the basic skills and knowledge to be able to practice kiting in a safe manner!

Quick Details

🇬🇧 Language: The course is available in English.

2 Day Beginner Course Including kite gear
Extra Day 1 Extra Course Day
Wetsuit Rental 2 Days. Including boots.

During a weekend, you learn all you need to know to start kiting on your own. There is some theory and a lot of practicing and kite-flying in the water/on the beach.

Not everyone manages to ride properly on the board during the first two days, but we give you all the basic know-how and enough experience so that you can continue practicing in a safe way after the course.


The goal is to give you all the basic skills and knowledge to be able to practice kiting in a safe manner after the course. Wind conditions and personal learning curve determine how much kiteboarding you will actually be able to do during the course, but we guarantee that everyone will get a good feel for it and have lots of fun on the way.

The main themes of the course are:

  • Understanding the wind
  • Rigging the gear
  • Safety gear and procedures
  • Navigation: How to steer the kite
  • Control: Understanding how the kite flies and generates power
  • Launching and landing the kite with and without assistance
  • Body dragging: Getting around in the water without a board
  • Water start with the board
  • Kiteboarding on your own
  • Evaluation of conditions and spot
  • Choosing gear


The kites we use fly best in winds from 5-15 meters per second (m/s). We use the windforecast from Windguru. You can use the wind forecast here to see which days more than 5 m/s have been forecasted, those will be marked with stars in the table. Should it turn out to be no wind on the day you have chosen, we can move your activity to a later date.

Click the triangle to see legend.
Turn your phone to landscape format and update the page to see the wind forecast side by side with the calendar.