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  • Beginner


Learn the basic skills to snowkite!

Quick Details

Course Fee Ages 13+


The beginner course aims to make you an independent kiter, so you can do it alone on the snow with your own gear. The course is practically arranged with a lot of kite flying and fun, but there is nevertheless great emphasis on safety.

Our winter courses are for beginners and advanced kiters alike. No prerequisites are required to attend the beginner’s course! Normal physical ability and the will to learn is the most important thing! You choose the way you want to exercise the sport, extremely or calmly. It doesn’t matter if you are 13, 20 or 65, and you don’t have to be strong. The recommended age limit is 13 years; for younger participants, we recommend one-on-one hours with our own instructor.

If you already have some kite skills but want to help them develop faster, just sign up and let us know that you will be in the advanced group. The courses run in parallel. For the advanced participants who master driving and cruising, we focus on jumping and tricks, tips for kiting in the terrain, and advanced techniques to be safer on your own.


  • Control of the kite
  • Understanding the kite’s flight area and power zone
  • Ride, stop and turn with ski/board
  • Safety
  • Starting and landing of the kite
  • Rigging/dismantling
  • Assessment of conditions and kite spot
  • Choice of equipment