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  • Learn to kite on snow!


Learn how to Snowkite on a World Class Spot!

Quick Details

🛏 Arrange your  own accommodation or choose one of our Kitecamp-packages at Haukeliseter with 3-course dinner included and discount for DNT-members!

💰 Extra discount for members of DNT-YOUNG!

💸 15% Discount on the purchase of new equipment after completing a course with our supplier FLUID!

COURSE FEE Winter Weekends
per Participant including Kite Gear


At our Snowkite Course for Beginners where we go through everything you need to become an independent snowkiter!

With the right conditions a lot of our participants are up and riding already on the first day of the course!

But we also spend time learning the right safety procedures, basic wind knowledge, and special precautions that are important to take when one is kiting at high speeds and can cover great distances in deep snow.

Our Course Program and theory lessons are finely tuned after 20+ years of operations. As an added bonus you will also receive a recap of the course on e-mail.

We hope to inspire you with our Passion! 😃


The program is preliminary and will be adjusted according to conditions and skills.


Attendance at 9pm at Haukeliseter Mountain Cabin for distribution of Personal Gear and a quick Theory Lesson (approximately 1 hour).

If you can not make it for the Friday evening theory lesson it will be fine as long as you are ready at Haukeliseter before 9.30 am on Saturday.


  • Gear and Terminology
  • Wind Window
  • Kite Control
  • Safety


We eat breakfast and make a lunchpack

Attendance at 9.30 am and we´ll stay out until approximately 5 pm.


  • Rigging
  • Safety System
  • Navigation
  • Assisted Launch & Landing
  • Kiting at speed


After breakfast we start again at 9.30 am and stay out until approximately 4.30 pm.

We practice more riding on skis/board with the kite, and cover the following topics:

  • Riding, stopping, and jybing with skis/board
  • Emergency Landing
  • Assessment of Conditions and Kite Spot
  • Choice of Equipment

Expect long days outside of approximately 7 hours. If you have to leave earlier you are free to do so.


Unless you have access to another cabin in the Haukelifjell/Røldal area, we recommend to stay at Haukeliseter.

At Haukeliseter we can offer two different Accomodation Packages to meet different budgets.
Click on the sections below to read more about Accomodation Options.



Get a 15% discount on new equipment at Fluid after you have taken a course with us!