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  • Private Lesson


Book a private or group lesson!

Quick Details

Including kite gear Ages 13+
With your own gear Ages 13+


Would you like to have your own course outside of our set weekend courses? With your own instructor, you are guaranteed the best follow-up, and we adapt the lessons to your level. The time is determined after we have checked the weather forecast together.

In your own lessons, you have the opportunity to choose where your focus should be. Do you want the same program as a beginner’s course but have an instructor for yourself and when you want to? Do you want a high school course or help getting started on the snow after trying on the water?

The Private Lessons aim to give you all the focus exactly when you want it. We are very flexible and can go out when the conditions are best so that you get the maximum out of your hours. The lessons are practically arranged with almost exclusively snow training, with explanatory theory along the way.

The Group Lessons are our best value option, in which you can book a session with one instructor shared among one to three students in order to reduce the costs.

We have equipment suitable for children from 11 years of age! Under 14 we require a parent or guardian to be present.

Students under 18 years of age need parental permission.